At the time of purchase order submission, customers are required to make payments by credit card using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Maestro networks online. During the submission process, customers will be prompted to provide their credit card details, and the corresponding amount will only be debited once the order is complete. The customer's credit card information provided during the purchase order is securely transmitted to Multisafepay, PayPal, Stripe, Sofort/Ideal, Amazon Pay, Applepay, Google Pay, Scalapay, Clearpay servers, which handle credit card payments on behalf of FFW S.r.l. and protect against unauthorized access. FFW S.r.l. and third parties will not have access to this information. Once payment is confirmed, FFW S.r.l. will proceed with the preparation and processing of the purchase order. Additional information on PayPal, Stripe, and Multisafepay can be found at,, and, respectively.

Credit Card Security:

Customers are guaranteed maximum security in their purchases as all transactions are processed by PayPal, Stripe, and Multisafepay. Customer service representatives are not authorized to request or accept credit card numbers and/or validity details.


Customers who choose to pay through PayPal can make payments directly from their verified PayPal account. We only accept PayPal payments from verified accounts, and we reserve the right to ship goods exclusively to the address indicated on the PayPal verified account. Payments sent from unverified PayPal accounts may be subject to cancellation. Please be aware that if the fast checkout PayPal button is selected, the shipping address will be automatically retrieved from the customer's PayPal account.


We offer our customers the option to pay through the online payment platforms SOFORT and IDEAL. For more information about these payment methods, please visit the official websites at and


Amazon Pay is an online payment method available to Amazon customers that can be used to make online payments wherever the Amazon Pay button is available. An advantage of Amazon Pay is that there is no need for additional registration or login. Transactions made through Amazon Pay are secure and protected, and can be monitored through one's Amazon account. Amazon Pay utilizes the information and payment methods that are stored on the customer's Amazon account, including their address list, to ensure convenience and ease of use. Please be aware that if you choose to use the Amazon Pay fast checkout button, the shipping address will be automatically retrieved from your Amazon account.

Please visit for further information on Amazon Pay.


If you own an Apple device, you have the option to use Apple Pay as a payment method by linking a credit, debit, or prepaid card to the Wallet application on your device. When making a purchase using Apple Pay, a unique transaction code and specific number are generated for your device. As a result, your card information is not stored on your device or on Apple's servers, nor is it shared with sellers during the transaction, providing added protection for your personal data. Please note that if you choose to use the Apple Pay fast checkout button, your shipping address will be automatically retrieved from your Apple Pay account.

For more information on Apple Pay, please visit


If you have a Google account, you can use Google Pay as a payment method, which enables you to use credit, debit, and prepaid cards saved to your Google account. Google Pay provides enhanced security measures, employing multiple layers of protection to safeguard your payment information. When making online payments using Google Pay, sellers are not given access to your credit card number, as transactions are carried out using a dynamic virtual card number, which ensures that your actual information remains secure. Please note that if you opt for the Google Pay fast checkout button, your shipping address will be automatically retrieved from your Google Pay account.

For more information on Google Pay, please visit


Customers have the option to pay for their purchases in three installments by selecting the Scalapay payment method, which requires a payment card, legal age, and a Scalapay account. Upon making the purchase, the first installment will be charged, with the following two installments being charged in the subsequent two months. In the event of a cancellation or return, the paid installment will be refunded while the remaining installments will be cancelled and not charged.

For more information on Scalapay, please visit


Customers can opt to pay for their orders in three installments by selecting the Clearpay payment method. To use Clearpay, you must have a payment card, be of legal age, and have a Clearpay account. The first installment is charged at the time of purchase, while the remaining two installments are charged in the following two months. If an order is cancelled or returned, the paid installment will be refunded, and the remaining installments will be cancelled and not charged. For any inquiries regarding this secure payment option, please contact support at the following email address:

For more information on Clearpay please visit